The Fixed Point of the electric railway traction


Consorzio Stabile Itrorail

Is a permanent consortium founded in 2011 with the aim of offering its products on the domestic and international market, with a full assortment of products for the electric traction line in the railway industry.


To be a reliable, competitive partner for the supply of all railway traction line and track components.

The companies

CEIE Clamps s.r.l.

Specialised in the production and design of material for railway electric traction lines and low, medium, high and very high voltage electric lines and in precision machining. In-house equipment also includes a specialised centrifuge hot-dip galvanisation line.

Euros s.r.l.

Specialised in the production of metal structures for electric traction lines and in forging.

Eximprod Power System S.A.

Specialised in the forging of carbon steels (alloyed and unalloyed), stainless steels and micro-alloyed steels, producing products from 0.5 Kg up to 30 Kg.

Forge Centro Sud

Specialised in the production of material for low voltage overhead lines, polymer insulators for medium voltage (24 kV) and long polymer insulators for high voltage (110-400 kV).


Specialised in the forging, die-casting and cold pressing of iron and steel.